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The Department of Anatomy at SSIMS & RC primarily focused on teaching and research and is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, including ICT-enabled classrooms, Demonstration rooms, a Dissection Hall, a Histology Laboratory, a Research Laboratory and a well-organised Museum.

The Anatomy Museum remains open to the general public, in an effort to disseminate knowledge and generate awareness. The department library offers exclusive reference books pertaining to Anatomy and related topics. Our well qualified, experienced team of faculty members regularly attend inter-university conferences, CMEs, workshops and seminars; and contribute to a considerable number of academic publications.

They are constantly on the look-out for innovative, integrated teaching methodologies and strive to inculcate ethical codes of conduct and values in our students - such as a deep-seated respect for the cadaver, as part of the AETCOM Module. The department offers a seamless array of learning programs including Foundation Courses, Early Clinical Exposure, Self Directed Learning Methodologies, Integrated Teaching and Learning Sessions as well as Skill Development and Training Modules.

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